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Porchetta – Making History

In Rome, the Italian equivalent to the casual sandwich shop is the rosticceria, where one can procure all manner of roasted meats presented in sandwich form for munching on the go. It is the home of porchetta. With its juicy and gustatory goodness, it’s easy to see why crowds hanker for the flavour. The dish has deep roots — it's one of modern civilization's earliest culinary specialties, dating back to the Roman Empire.

It is the quintessential Italian street food, often roasted in the open air at street markets, or in the Italian equivalent of taco trucks outfitted for the specific purpose of transforming a pig into a delicious treat! It's beautifully simple: belly wrapped around a loin, rolled with herbs and spices. The meat is covered in the pig's skin and then roasted until the juices are dripping and the skin is caramelized and crunchy. The resulting meat package is then carved and served on crusty bread either naked or adorned with cheese and veg.


Roast offers its own access point for delicious interpretations of simple street fare. When we decided to offer the pork dish, we aimed for simplicity, choosing to use only the skin-on loin and belly from Johnston Farms. Seasoned vigorously with fennel pollen, rolled up, and roasted in our combi oven. We hold our pork warm and serve the sandwiches with a little bit of everything: the crispy skin, fatty belly and aromatics.

Simply put, our porchetta sandwich has helped popularize the delicacy in Victoria. Regardless of how it's done, at the end of the day this Italian specialty is simply, and exquisitely, a roasted meat sandwich. Roast is offering up our take on the dish.


Simple is best. Antibiotic and hormone free, we strive to procure the best non-commodity beef, resulting in tender, buttery, meaty perfection. Each bite will have you craving more. Our hand-carved, succulent and juicy roast beef is dressed with little more than salt and pepper. Slow-roasted to perfection, it is meaty minimalism at its finest.


A bone-in ribeye aka a "standing rib roast," is a cut of meat from the back of a steer's upper ribs, an area that has consistent marbling of fat and often the most flavor. We remove the bones before we put the roast in the oven. Our roasts are salted and set out to room temperature.


Our Halal chickens are sourced straight from the Fraser Valley, antibiotic and hormone free. Perfectly seasoned, these birds are on the rotisserie every hour so a fresh one is ready the moment you walk in. The only thing more irresistible are the potatoes and vegetables crisping as they roast beneath.


After they are stuffed with rosemary and preserved lemon, our chickens are skewered, turning over open flames and roasted in rotating rows on our French rotisserie. Soulful and fare, with skin perfectly caramelized, the meat is tender, lean and moist, bursting with flavour.

Order on a sandwich or as a full, half or quarter portion of chicken.

  • Rinse the birds in a gentle stream of water both inside and out
  • Tuck the wings behind the bird's back
  • Wrap the legs together at the ankle
  • Bring the twine over the legs, to the back
  • Crisscross the twine on the bird's back
  • Bring the twine back to the legs, and tie it off at the ankles


Crossing cultures, our meatballs seamlessly bring simple ingredients together in the most basic form; balls. Roasted and braised, packed full of moisture with rich meaty flavour, drowning in our punchy Arrabbiata sauce made from San Marzano tomatoes. These incredibly light and fluffy balls are available on their own, accompanied with a salad or in a sandwich.


To blend or not to blend? Easy answer: blend. Blending together different cuts and proteins provides a richer, more complex flavor.

Bread and eggs are not used entirely for moisture, but rather to bind. Many recipes call for too much use of either, which results in a mushy, less flavorful texture. Proper technique will prevent over-cooked, dry meatballs. Bread and eggs will hold it all together.

Don’t skimp on the cheese. Grana Padano cheese adds tons of nutty, savory flavors.

Herbs are a must. Finely chopped Italian flat-leaf parsley is core to the backbone of our traditional recipe.

Use your hands to mix and shape your meatballs. We use all eight fingers and each thumb to squeeze and knead the meat and ingredients together, without overworking the meat, which can cause tough meatballs (nobody wants tough meatballs). The trick is to create meatballs that give to the pressure of a fork, without crumbling apart.

Size matters. Meatballs should be made a bit larger when served solo or in sandwiches.

Brown meat is good meat. Our recipe is a brown and braise method, resulting in moist meatballs. We believe braising the meatballs in the sauce also adds much more flavor to the sauce. It’s a win-win.

Veggie Frito

Roast's Vegetarian Frito: tamari, nutritional yeast, chickpeas, onion, carrot, celery, roasted red peppers, garlic, potatoes, parsley, basil, curry powder, salt, flour and sunflower seeds

Mostarda: sugar, vinegar, grainy mustard, red peppers, squash, salt and cornstarch

Traditionally, mostarda is an Italian condiment made from candied fruit and mustard flavored syrup.


Our veggie pate recipe has been tried and true for over a decade. The well sourced vegetables and secret spice blend is exclusive to Roast. We are very proud to offer a vegetarian sandwich that packs the punch of any of our meat-centric options.


Just like a sandwich, but served in a bowl with no bun. Partner prime rib, chicken, porchetta, meatballs or vegetarian with our famous kale caesar salad or choose Japanese Kokuho heirloom short grain white rice. The rice is grown at Koda Farms in California and is certified organic, GMO free and kosher.

Healthy, but Delicious

Served with kokuo rice or with a freshly made kale caesar, our bowls are a healthy option for those aiming to limit their gluten intake. Small pieces of kale are broken, massaged and tossed with our delicious caesar dressing (egg yolks, cloves of garlic, anchovy, lemon juice, grainy mustard, capers, red wine vinegar, Worcestershire, Tabasco, olive oil blend and served with a lemon garnish).

Super Food Salad

Meet the healthiest way to tackle your workday! Packed with essential nutrients, our Super Food Salads offer a hyper-charged meal for those looking to enjoy a simple, delicious, well balanced diet. Ingredient by ingredient we source and prepare only the best. Our homemade salad dressings and vinaigrettes are prepared daily.

In preparing our superfood salad station daily, we focus on freshness, quality and our mission to only use premium, ultra fresh ingredients. Nothing processed, no transfats, no pre-cut or shredded anything. Only wholesome, delicious, farm fresh vegetables and herbs here.


1. market greens or kale

2. chilled protein: rotisserie chicken, roast beef, pork, or veggie frito

3. pick four toppings

4. select a dressing

About Super Foods

"Superfood" is a term used to describe foods with extraordinary health benefits. So-called superfoods may have an unusually high content of antioxidants, vitamins, or other nutrients.

Kale is an amazing vegetable being recognized for its exceptional nutrient richness, health benefits, and delicious flavor. It provides significant health benefits, including cancer protection and lowered cholesterol.

Beetroot is an excellent liver tonic and blood purifier.

Brocolini aka Broccoli rabe is a green vegetable with edible leaves, buds, and stems. The buds somewhat resemble broccoli, but do not form a large head. It is known for its slightly bitter taste, and is particularly associated with Italian cuisines. Contain antioxidants including vitamin C but it's a particularly good source of folate (naturally occuring folic acid). Increasing your intake of folic acid is thought to be of major benefit in preventing heart disease.

Broccoli also contains an antioxidant called lutein that can delay the progression of age-related macular degeneration (AMD). This affects 10 per cent of people over 60 and is a major cause of impaired vision and blindness.

Finally, broccoli also contains a phytochemical called sulphoraphane that has specific anti-cancer properties.

Chia seeds are a very rich source of omega-3s, amino acids and an abundance of minerals.

Freekah (pronounced ‘FREE-kah’) is an ancient superfood and is actually a roasted wheat grain packed full of protein and fibre. Freekeh is made from young durum wheat, which seems like nothing special or rare here in Canada. However, the magic happens in its production/roasting process. The wheat is harvested while the grains are still young and green, when the seeds are soft and moisture-dense; it is then piled and sun-dried. Next, the piles are set on fire and burned! Finally, the kernels are thrashed or rubbed to make their flavour, texture and colour uniform. Five health benefits of freekah:

  • Because the grain is harvested while it’s still young it has up to four times the fiber of brown rice
  • Freekeh provides more protein than mature wheat and most other grains
  • Freekeh is a source of both prebiotics and probiotics and therefore contributes to bowel health
  • It is rich in iron, zinc, potassium and calcium
  • Freekeh promotes weight loss by being low on glycemic - it not only fills you up faster, but they also help lower your risk of heart disease and help to manage diabetes. Freekah is not gluten free

Black quinoa is a mystical powerhouse of nutrients. Quinoa's protein content is very high for a cereal (14% by mass), yet not as high as most beans and legumes. Quinoa's protein content per 100 calories is higher than brown rice, potatoes, barley and millet. Nutritional evaluations of quinoa indicate that it is a source of complete protein and is a good source of fiber and iron. Quinoa is also a source of calcium, and thus is useful for vegans and those who are lactose intolerent.Quinoa is gluten free